Who’s The Author?


How do you see life? Who do you believe is in control? Why do things happen the way they do?

There is a school of thought that says ultimately you are in control of your destiny. It states that you are the author of your life. There is another school of thought which states that some external force is guiding everything, or rather, random chance and movement of molecules make things happen. The thing is that what you do everyday is determined upon your worldview: what you believe about life on the earth and life after death. If you believe you are the author, you possibly will take lots of action and start lots of ventures. On the other hand, if you believe something or someone else is in control, you may just sit on the couch all day complaining that you can’t do anything.

But the Bible teaches otherwise. The Bible, unlike any other book, is much deeper when it comes to life under the sun. It views humanity as much more complex rather than simplistic.

It’s not that we are the author of our life, that we can just write our own story, but rather, God is completley sovreign over all events and all molecules in the universe. “But isn’t that the same thing as an external force?” you may ask. No. It’s not. The mystery of the God of the Bible, the creator and ruler of all, is that he has given us authority and responsibility over the earth. We are called to rule the earth, to have dominion.

Yes, God is ruler of all. Yes, you are responsible for your actions or lack of them. God is the Master, you are a steward. God has given us instructions, he has gifted us with talents. We are to be courageous. We are to stand and fight. We are to take action. We are to take responsibility for our family’s, our businesses, our life because it is not our own but God’s.

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