Where are all the jobs?

Are you looking for a job? What kind of job are you looking for? What skills do you have? What skills do you need to learn?

What kind of useful service can you give? Are you willing to be the first one to give?

Now days, many people expect to be given a job without anything in return. We’ve lost the understanding that we sow prior to reaping. We must give first, then receive. For on reason or another people expect to be given pay without work. That’s what this whole socialistic agenda of the far left is all about. “Let’s all live together and share all things.” In reality what they’re saying is, “you go work and give me some of your profit because you don’t really need all of it.”

That’s messed up…

You might be thinking that I’ve setup a straw man fallacy, but not really. Here’s a good example of our current day thinking.

I like how Doug Wilson says things like, “When the first settlers came to America, there were no jobs, but there was lots of work to do.”

Work. There is work to do. This work is given to us by our creator. When we work, we are reflecting him who has worked, works, and continues to work. He was the first worker and he is always working in us for his good pleasure. (Phil 2:13). God called the first man to Steward the whole earth and bring in under submission and to have dominion over it.

As a man, I am called to work. A man is not a man if he does not work. It is in his nature to work, to learn, to serve, to give, to “bear a burden of labor”. We are to sweat physically. We are to sweat mentally.

Some would say that work is evil. That Jesus told us to look at the birds of the air, that they neither toil nor spin, and that since they don’t collect into barns, we also ought not do so. However, those who believe this are misguided. They are deceived. They are missing the main point of that story. The main point is to “not be anxious.” Worry is the problem. Not trusting in the Lord is the problem.

I want to encourage you if you have failed badly. I want to encourage you’ve planted, cultivated, and pruned your farm only to have a hurricane demolish all your crop. That is sad. But that is no reason deny the Lord, to deny the glory of a job well done, of useful service. The Lord is sovereign and he teaches us all things.

So if you have gone through tough business endeavors, stand firm in the Lord. He makes it rain or shine. His glory is in all things. Keep going. Don’t give into asceticism. Don’t give into entitlement. Don’t start taking hand outs. Do enjoy your life. Do provide service. Do pay others well.

Work. Labor. Stop looking for someone to give you a job. Start a business.

The Lord gives the growth.

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