What do you want more of?

We all want.

We all have desires.

We all want more of something?

The question is why? Why do we want more? Is it ok to have more? Or does it depend on what you want more of? And why do you want more of it?

These are extremely crucial questions to think through for yourself. As I’m writing this, I’m thinking about it myself. Why do I want more food? Why do I desire to increase my income? Why do I want to grow?

The question is a question of desire vs. covetousness. The question is a question of the desires of the Spirit vs. the desires of the flesh.

As stewards, everything we have, physical, mental, and spiritual, we have because our Lord has given it to us. And if we are delighting ourselves in the Lord, than even our desires are good. (Psalm 37:4)

So rather than confusing ourselves, I believe it’s best to rather delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart. Often times we are discontent with where we are in life because some body else has something “better”. Other times we judge the worth of our neighbor by how much more or less money they make. We see the other person as a better person if they are in a higher tax bracket, or we see them as less human if they live on a smaller income. I don’t want to discount the work involved in earning more income, however we are talking about desires and comparing the value of human being based on their income.

It is the Lord who gives one the ability to get wealth (Deut 8:17-18). The Lord has promised to be faithful and he calls us to faithfulness. He calls us to faithfully steward that which he has placed in front of us. This could be taken literally. It could be the literal person who is sitting in front of you. It could be the television you are watching. It could also be the paycheck that you are receiving. The Lord has promised to set us over much when we are first faithful with little.

From personal experience, there was faithlessness and discontentment when I first started working. This is often shown through where your funds go. Examine yourselves (2 Cor 13:5).

If the Lord has given you a shovel, he wants you to learn to use it before giving you an excavator. What if the Lord wants you to experience blisters, callused hands, and an achy back? What if he wants you to experience smelling bad? What if he wants you to experience hard work and then enjoy a nice warm shower when you get home so that you thank him and give him glory for the little things in life? All of life is his. He IS in fact The Lord!

At the end of the day, are we being faithful stewards of God’s goodness that he has entrusted us? How are we managing?

Examine yourselves. If you’ve been covetous, repent and know that the Lord will always forgive a broken and contrite heart.  But don’t go back to coveting, but rather bear fruits worthy of repentance.

What do you want more of?


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