The Household and The War for The Cosmos

The household is not just a shelter from a war zone, it is the command center from which we launch our attacks. It’s vision of the world, with the Christian family at the heart, that modern parents desperately need to recover.

C.R. Wiley

Today I want to plug a book written by a guy named C.R. Wiley. I first heard of him from his book “Man of the House” and then saw and heard him speak at the Grace Agenda conference in April 2019. He is a pastor, author, and has a podcast called The Theology Pugcast because it is recorded at The Corner Pug, which is a pub in Hartford, Connecticut. And so today’s book is The Household and the War for the Cosmos: Recovering a Christian Vision for the Family.

The part of his work I’ve been introduced to has been that of calling men to rise up and lead their household according to God’s will and out of love and obedience to His ways. In the beginning of this book, Wiley introduces the term piety and discusses how we have changed the meaning of this word from what it actually means and how it was used. Piety refers to doing good, but not just doing good as we see it, piety refers to doing good because it is a man’s duty. It is his calling. It is doing good because he must do good.

…if we really believe that we have been adopted, and that we are joint heirs with Christ, then what belongs to us belongs to God, and what belongs to God belongs to us.

C.R. Wiley, 97

As it was Abrahams duty to get up, move to a new location, and become a father of a nation, so we too have a duty to take over and conquer the cosmos. The irony of this happens to be the strategy of conquering. This strategy is a calling for men, Christian men, to rise up and lead their homes. To lead their wives and their children. To honor their father and mother and care for them. To be, in essence, a lord of your household. And to do this shamelessly because it is your God given duty.

Today most people see our home as a place of recreation rather than a place of production. We see our home as a comfortable place we go to put our feet up after a long day of doing what we don’t like and where the only authority the man has is the pushing the buttons on the remote.

the real problem people have with the household codes: they don’t believe that the sacrifices that they call for are worth making. They don’t believe that households serve a higher purpose than the personal goals of the individuals that live in them.

C.R. Wiley, 109

Wiley shows that there was a time that our whole economy and well-being depended on the household. There was a time when the world didn’t see themselves as individual data points but rather as an interdependent ordered whole. And because of that, people saw that they had obligations toward one another. They understood who they were and that they were part of a lineage: out of that arose duty.

Wiley discusses the household code through the book of Ephesians. These household codes aren’t something we do on the peripherals, but rather it is central to who we are as believers and image bearers. Codes like husbands loving their wives and wives respecting their husbands was and continues to be closely woven into our spiritual warfare. That warfare is against principalities and powers that are in the cosmos which must and will be, by the power of God’s Holy Spirit, defeated.

Get this book, read it, and take action.

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