Book Review: Brave Ollie Possum

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Ollie Mackerellie is the son of an Italian family who own and operate an Italian restaurant. His parents are constantly concerned about him because of all his fears. He fears the dark, bugs, and being alone. He comes in and sleeps with his parents every night and often times wakes up screaming. The restaurant is struggling, their relationships are falling apart, and his parents don’t know what to. One day a Mizz Fuzzlebuzzle shows up and says she helps boys get rid of their fears and would like to take Ollie to help him with his problem. At first his parents aren’t sure, but eventually they cave in and let Mizz Fuzzlebuzzle take him.

At Ollies dismay, he comes to find out that she’s not at all a kind lady, but rather Glortch: a witch, ogre who preys on fearful children. She flies on a two headed creature with the heads of hogs, wings of a bat, and a tail of a scorpion. Once she gets to her shack in the woods, she turns him into a possum and says she’s going to have a fantastic feast: Ollie needs to get out or be eaten. From the time he is turned into a possum he has 24 hours to figure out a way to turn back into a boy or he stays a possum forever.

The story is full of adventurous obstacles. It’s full of speed bumps and victories. He meets other animals, learns to help them, and is taught the lesson of bravery and sacrifice. The majority of the story portrays a 24 hour period which causes a fast paced read. Also, each chapter isn’t too long which allows for good stopping points.

It is jam packed with on-the-edge-of-your-seat circumstances, close calls, and resolutions. Good lessons of bravery are learned.

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