A Must Have

how to readA library: something I dreaded until I became a Christian at age 19. It is important to build the right library. When building a library, there are certain books you must have.

This one is the perfect starting point. This book is one of those you can always refer too and is a MUST HAVE:

In “How To Read A Book“, Mortimer Adler classifies reading into different levels and also differentiates between types of writings: Philosophy, Math, Science, Newspaper, Practical books etc. He then explains that every time you sit down to read, you must classify what level of reading you ought to be doing. Maybe you only need to skim this? Or maybe you need to do full on synoptic reading. He explains the four levels of reading and how they build on one another. His goal is for you to learn to comprehend what you read.

Reading is learned.

And for those avid readers, remember this: “Of many books there is no end, and much study is a weariness of the flesh.” (Eccl 12:12)

Enjoy reading.


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